The A1RB is a Level A Pack, made of twin sheet HDPE with a thickness 400 grams and 500 grams twin sheet High Density Polyurethane (HDPE). The HDPE Sheets, are Vacuumed with two stainless steel molds numerous support point over the two Cavities. The upper and lower are vacuumed together creating two components, a top and bottom tray which is strong, robust system. The HDPE sheets are cover with a thin sheet of Corrosion protection called INTERCEPT Technology™. This is protection against corrosion and ESD damage during transport storage, thereby significantly reducing process costs for the end user.

Key features and options

The concept of the A1RB is to provide a stronger, durable and longer lasting reusable system that has various attributes, such as Corrosion Protection, ESD (Electrostatic Discharge), improved Handling, Mold Free, additional locking as well to extent shelve life and alleviate the rusting to provide a cost saving on longer storage periods. A system that the military combat fighter can take directly to his forward operating base, fox hole or even transport on his fighting vehicle.

Usage and modularity of the Returnable Packaging Box