Cellular Boards

Cellular Board technology is widely used in Europe, but not so much is the USA. European manufacturers have attempted to introduce return packaging programs to the USA, but have been unsuccessful due to cost, logistical challenges and long order lead times.

Sapper Plastics is a Veteran-owned small business. We manufacture the G-PAK Mini and various other sleeve pack containers. We possess the expertise and knowledge to provide solutions for your plastic packaging challenges. Using various suppliers of sleeve pak materials such as Bubble X and Titan Board, we deliver returnable packaging solutions. Allow us to be the “GO TO GUYS” for your sleeve paks.

Our various die cutting techniques and capabilities can be optimized to best suit your application and production volume. At the end of the day this will result in cost savings and increased efficiency.

Sapper Plastics offers a wide range of printing and printing applications, as well as inline printing to reduce turnaround time for your products. We do our in-house printing for logos and various other application to suit your requirements.
Please send us a message if you are looking for something special or different.

  • We have the capabilities to provide you with any size you require, both US and European pallet systems.
  • We will provide you with the best turn around possible, with the best product.
  • We have an excellent QA program to ensure you get what you need at the highest quality.
  • The edge sealing is with rounded edges, to ensure durability and best possible stack ability.
  • Custom heights available with minimal tooling costs.
  • Available in many sleeve materials to meet your needs.
  • Many custom features are available like access doors, locking sleeves, M or Z folds.
  • Label placards can be added prior to shipping if you require.

Edge sealing is done inline to reduce production time. We have the ability to seal both edges if you require, and which is recommended for the food and pharmaceutical sectors.

Our team supports the various markets with customized systems and we can develop sustainable “customized packaging solutions” that fit meet requirements. Please contact our engineers and sales representative to help you with your packaging development and design, using best materials, machinery.

If you are not using a collapsible, reusable system, then please consider our standard systems that we provide to our military customer. They are tough and durable!

Together with our partners we want to support you in your mission to standardize the current receiving and shipping distribution process within your organization. We have the capability to do this in an environmentally friendly and responsible manner consistent with the “Going Green” concept you are currently pursuing.

We understand that for your growing business thinking green is of the utmost necessity. We can help you create an environmentally green work environment that reuses and recycles its shipping and receiving products ranging from a common shipping box to the very pallet that it sits on. Each and every one of our products is built to last and meets our quality and durability seal of approval.

As stewards of our own future and helping protect the planet for generations to come we urge you to make the green decision now. Let us help you make your business grow and do so by saving the environment by utilizing the Total Dunnage Management System (TDMS). This program will positively impact your business operationally, financially, and environmentally. Utilizing our Total Dunnage Management System will allow you to streamline, standardize and environmentalism the way products are moved in and out of the distribution channels.

The TDMS will provide/improve:

  • Off loading containers to an average of 1 man hour per shipping container.
  • Receipt & shipping of merchandise.
  • The consistency in receipt of palletized goods.
  • Mission readiness optimize.
  • Truck load volumes by standardizing the packing boxes.
  • The use of the in store or warehouse space.

We have the ability to optimize all our standard boxes and fit them with the ability to enhance your cold storage requirements. If you have a cold storage requirement, give us a chance to provide you with a solution that will best suit your requirement.