DeskProtect CLEAR

With the desk separator DeskProtect CLEAR workspaces can be screened, infections with contagious diseases (such as influenza or coronavirus) can be prevented. The transparent desk separator allows employees to see each other and keep the proper distance. Due to the transparency, sufficient light is also getting through to the workplaces.
DeskProtect CLEAR is a translucent and frameless desk separator system that can easily and quickly be mounted without any screwing. No additional tools are required for mounting and removal.

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The desk separator DeskProtect CLEAR is currently available in three versions:

Each version consists of one rear panel and one or two side panels which will be connected using plastic rivets. For stability, the separator will be fixed on the desk with a removable adhesive tape.

The three versions can be combined in order to fit team workstations.

Technical details

Dimensions: 1590 x 780 x 780 mm
Material: Plastic transparent
Thickness: 3.5 mm
Weight: approx. 11.5 kg (in U-shape)
Color: transparent
Option: Side element for extending


DeskProtect CLEAR
Download (PDF: 192 KB)